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We at FohX pride ourselves on having a sincere dedication to protect our client's systems, data, and most importantly their privacy. We believe in honesty, timely support, and being upfront in our support techniques.

We hold each client in high regard, and appreciate their choice for using FohX as their protection source.
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FohX technicians have passed Local and Federal Security Checks and offer you the highest protection available. FohX is the right choice for all your protection needs.

Here at FohX we created a support program unlike any others: fast, yet reliable, and fulfills our user's every need.
FohX IS exactly what we say it is.
FohX IS the right choice.

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Regina, SK, Canada
Telephone: (306) 737-7200
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Todd was actively involved in the security industry from 1988 until 1999. Todd was licensed through the Saskatchewan Justice Department as a Private Investigator from 1988 until 1990. From 1991 until 1996, Todd was contracted to several independant companies. In the later part of Todd's career he was contracted to protect Federal interests. At this point, Todd's security status was stepped up to "Enhanced Secret Classification." As a requirement for this position, Todd had Criminal Record Checks performed through the Regina City Police Department as well as through the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Program Director
FohX Desktop Support
Todd M. Dube
In 1997, Todd took a break from security and protection to study his interests in Medicine and research. His two theories on Hemochromatosis and Lou Gehrig's disease showed great promise, however, while working at the hospital an unfortunate incident occured that ended Todd's chances at a medical career.
He bounced back and in 2006, with partner and long time friend Mike Killingbeck, the two laid the ground work for a respected and highly developed computer malware research team. Mike stayed with the project until the spring of 2009. Todd carried forward and in the fall of 2010 FohX Anti-Spyware was released, soon after to be followed by FohX Desktop Support.